Top Reasons to Choose Mobile App Development

Top Reasons to Choose Mobile App Development

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development is the method of creating software for smartphones, Android, and iOS devices. The software can be preinstalled, downloaded from a mobile application store, or accessed via a mobile web browser. It includes programming languages such as Java, HTML5, C#, and Swift. Join Mobile App Development Courses in Chennai at FITA Academy to get real-time projects at an affordable price.

Here, we will discuss the common mobile app development mistakes to avoid.

Top Reasons to Choose Mobile App Development:

Larger Customer Base:

According to App Annie, 90 billion Android apps were downloaded in 2016. In the same year, approximately 25 billion iOS apps were downloaded. Because Android apps run on more devices than iOS apps, the math dictates that an Android app has access to a larger customer base.

Greater Potential for Innovation:

The Android app inclusion policy is much more flexible, allowing developers more room to experiment and innovate. Choosing an Android mobile application development platform fosters new ideas and aids in creating applications.

Installation is Simple:

An Android app can be downloaded from any website, not just the Google Play Store. Apps can be hosted on third-party websites and the Google Play Store. The installation process is simple. It increases the app’s accessibility and is a compelling reason to invest in an Android app development platform.

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Custom ROMs:

A custom ROM in Android refers to the phone’s firmware. A developer can edit and recompile code to make it compatible with many devices. A mobile app development platform can use this capability to generate an infinite number of code variations, allowing for the rapid creation of new features and the adaptation of an app to newer devices.

Compatible With Multiple Devices:

The ability of Android to run on more devices than its competitors is why it dominates the app market. Manufacturers of devices that support Android apps outnumber those developing iOS-specific apps. An Android device will be used by a more number of people. As a result, Android application development proved to be the more prudent and profitable option.


Android is ideal for creating social apps. Mobile applications must include social media capabilities, as they have evolved into powerful marketing forms. Apps developed on Android also can better integrate with a broader range of social media websites, allowing businesses to spread the word more quickly. 


Now you would have understood the Top Reasons to Choose Mobile App Development. So, to have a better understanding of mobile app development, you can join Mobile App Development Courses in Bangalore and equip yourself with its functions, applications, and components.