What Is MongoDB And How Does It Works

What is MongoDB


The MEAN stack is a web application development framework based on JavaScript. MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node are the four major technologies that make up the stack layers, and MEAN is named after them. In this blog, let’s discuss what is MongoDB and how it works in detail. If you want to learn more about MongoDB, enrol in MEAN Stack Training in Chennai, which includes certification and job placement assistance.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that is free and open source. It can handle organized, semi-structured, and unstructured data as a non-relational database. It has a non-relational, document-oriented data model and a query language that is not organized.

MongoDB is a very flexible database that allows you to integrate and store a variety of data types. It can also manage and store more data than typical relational databases. MongoDB uses the BSON document storage format, which is a binary version of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) that can store a wider range of data types.

How MongoDB Works?

Instead of the tables and rows seen in standard relational databases, MongoDB maintains data objects in collections and documents. Collections are made up of groups of documents that are similar to tables in a relational database.

A document’s structure can be altered by simply adding new fields or removing existing ones. Documents can have a primary key that serves as a unique identifier, and values can include other documents, arrays, and arrays of documents. Learn more about MongoDB by joining the MEAN Stack Course in Chennai with certification and placement support for your career development.

What Is MongoDB Text Search and How Does It Work?

Text search, which can query string fields for specific text or words, is a significant feature of MongoDB. A text index or the $text operator can be used to execute a text search.

A string or an array of string elements can be used as a text index. The collection must have a text index in order to run a text search query. Each collection can only have one text index, and that text index can be applied to multiple fields.

The $text operator can also be used to search a collection with a text index. With the exception of “–” and “the $text operator tokenizes each search string with white space and interprets all punctuation as delimiters. 

Advantages Of MongoDB


MongoDB is a database with a dynamic schema that works with unstructured data and storage. The database schema does not need to be predefined because data is stored as flexible, JSON-like documents, and schemas can be changed dynamically without incurring downtime.

Objects in a collection can have varied sets of fields, and practically any type of data structure can be described and managed with MongoDB’s BSON data format. When As a result, MongoDB’s adaptable database model is extremely useful as business and data needs evolve.


Sharding is a feature of MongoDB that allows for horizontal growth. Data from a huge data set is divided and distributed across numerous servers via sharding. If a single server can’t manage a large amount of data, it can be divided and spread automatically without disrupting data processing.

Increased Efficiency

MongoDB keeps data in RAM for faster data access and query execution. It takes data from RAM rather than the hard drive, which speeds up data reads and writes. MongoDB’s non-relational data format also means that searching and retrieving data takes less processing power than a relational database.

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